IN 2004
JEY-J collaborated with two vocalists, and formed the unit, “Boys For Life. Performing LIVE shows at clubs and live houses around Tokyo.

IN 2005
Boys For Life performed as the opening act for Bob Marleys daughter, Steph Pockets. THE MIDDLE

IN 2006
JEY-J joins with a producer to form a unit called “JEY-J” with JEY-J as the main Vocalists. JEY-J has performed at clubs in, Shibuya, Roppongi, Yokohama, Nishi Azabu, Azabu Jyuuban, Sangenjyaya and Shinjyuku.

IN 2008
JEY-J joins Japanese Super Star Maki Oguro, on stage, at her “15th Anniverary Live Bomb! Super final Tour” IN 2009 the unit JEY-J takes a new approach and recreates their music to the style you hear today.

IN 2010
JEY-J performs with a live orchestra, full chorus and gospel unit at the, “Tokyo International Forum- Concert Hall A” for the, “Sekai Marugoto Classic~Xmas Special 2010 concert”

IN 2011
JEY-J collaborates with artist, Yoko Aramaki to record, “I’m Letting Go.”

IN 2012
JEY-J teams up and is sponsored by the energy drink, MAD-CROC JAPAN.


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